Sasha Leon

“My work inspires me! It is about light, colour, depth and beauty. If it’s beauty excites… I see it on my customers faces….that for me is joy! I love working in three dimensions, I love colour and I love glass”.

Sasha trained as a goldsmith and then studied at UCT’s Michaelis School of Fine Art majoring in sculpture. “I was most fortunate to have Bruce Arnott and Gavin Younge as my sculpture teachers. I sold my first sculpture in my final year at Michaelis to a friend who would not take no for an answer…even though we were not allowed to sell our student work!”

Sasha works from her home studio looking out over Table Mountain.

Sasha looks forward to hearing from you. She offers clients patient attention and care understanding that purchasing jewellery & art is a very personal matter. If you are in Cape Town she will welcome you to her studio for coffee, cookies & rusks from hmmm!

In addition to owning Sasha Leon Sculpture & Jewellery she was a former lecturer at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town teaching techniques of vitreous enamelling to students in the Jewellery Department.

Crafting pieces of jewellery by hand Sasha fashions gold, silver & precious stones to create individual items of great beauty. Her flagship range of South African flora and fauna is especially delightful and inviting, a pleasure to wear and a treat to show off.

Vitreous enamelling
Sasha is a sought after enamellist in Cape Town receiving requests to enamel from jewellers and goldsmiths from all over South Africa including top Cape Town jewellery house Uwe Koetter.
Sasha loves working with enamel on precious metals. The beauty of the brilliant vibrant colours and textures of vitreous enamel on jewellery is unrivalled. Vitreous enamel starts out as finely crushed glass which is then fused to 18ct gold or silver by firing in a kiln at 800 degrees centigrade leaving an exquisite coloured hard glass finish bonded with the metal.  Enamel can be fired on non-precious metals too. 
Sasha is always eager to learn more enamelling skills and to this end is most priviledged to be receiving personal advanced training from world renowned English enamellist Ruth Ball whose work is beyond stunningly beautiful.

Sasha sculpts in bronze, white cement, exotic wood and steel. She sculpts figures and reliefs that when complete gently arouses one’s feelings and senses. Her work leaves you with a sense of comfort, ease and jovial satisfaction.

Brief CV
Goldsmith, Enamellist & Sculptor
Sasha Leon Sculpture & Jewellery   Cape Town
1986 – Present 
Founder & Owner, Goldsmith, Enamellist & Sculptor
Lecturer in Enamelling including Vitreous Enamel
Cape Peninsula University of Technology Cape Town, South Africa
1997 – 2018 
Teaching the skills and delight of enamelling techniques including Cloisonné, Champlevé, Plique A Jour, Grisaille & Painting to eager creative jewellery students
Lecturer in Jewellery Design Cape Town, South Africa
Ruth Prowse School of Art
1990 – 1993
Art Teacher Harare, Zimbabwe
Mount Pleasant High School
1986 – 1987
Art Teacher Grahamstown, South Africa
Carinus School of Art, Grahamstown
Honours & Awards
Offered the MacIver Art Bursary for Post Graduate Studies by UCT for the degree MA (Fine Art) 
University of Cape Town 1984
University of Cape Town, Michaelis School of Fine Art
BA FA (Fine Art), Sculpture Major
1981 – 1984
Republic of South Africa Department of Labour
Diploma in Precious Metal Working & Mounting including Diamond Mounting, Goldsmithing & Jewellery Making